Coldfusion useful tag – cfsavecontent

I found cfsavecontent tag very helpful. There are two cool things about this tag:

1) you don’t have to use ‘&’ (ampersand) to concatenate string anymore. Just put them inside cfsavecontent.

2) you can loop thorough query or any collection object in coldfusion and save the result in one variable. And that variable can be used in many ways especially when you are running an ajax application and want result jason format.


<cfsavecontent  variable="detailTable" > 

<tr style="font-weight:bold; background-color:#FFFF9B" >

    <td width="11%"><strong>Column1</strong></td>

    <td width="10%"><strong>Column2</strong></td>

    <td width="10%"><strong>Column3</strong></td

    <td width="10%"><strong>Column4</strong></td>

    <td width="10%"><strong>Other</strong></td>


<Cfset r1= 0>

<Cfset r2= 0>

<Cfset r3= 0>

<Cfset r4= 0>

<Cfset Other = 0>

<cfloop query="name_of_query">

<tr onMouseOver="'##FFFFDD'" onMouseOut="'##FEFEFE'" >

    <td><strong>#result1#</strong><Cfset r1= r1+ result1></td>

    <td>#result2#<Cfset r2= r2+ result2></td>

    <td>#result3#<Cfset r3= r3+ result3></td>

    <td>#result4#<Cfset r4=  r4+ result4></td>

    <td>#other#<Cfset ot=  ot+ other></td>




And best part is that you can you variable that you used to add like r1,r2,r3… etc.. in the rest of the coldfusion script.

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